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When Eddie Love took a 23andMe DNA test, he thought the results would tell him whether he had Irish or French or German roots. What he didn't realize is that he'd find out that the man who he thought was his father was not his father. Thus began a multi-year caper to find out not only who Eddie's real father was, but what happened (besides, you know, the obvious). 

Eventually, Eddie lassoed his friend Christina into helping him solve his mystery and document their journey. Their adventure took them deep into Orange, Texas, where elderly residents eventually came clean with secrets they'd been keeping for decades. 

Told through narrative, emails and interviews, "The Saint, The Sinner(s) and Eddie" is a quirky, true story about family, lies and friendships (plus a handful of dogs, countless bowls of gumbo, one pawnshop wedding and more half siblings than you can count).


About the Authors


Eddie Love lives in Houston, Texas where he runs Frank’s Pizza with his wife, Debbie. When he isn’t selling slices, Eddie teaches his grandchildren to hunt dragons, begs his wife not to make him exercise, and cooks gumbo for his friends.


Christina Ledbetter writes from Houston, Texas where you can often find her husband beside her, a cat asleep on her desk, a dog or two beneath her chair and a cup of midgrade coffee in her hand. She is a book reviewer for the Associated Press. You can read more of her ramblings at StuffITalkAbout.com.



Houston PRess

Nov 5, 2018 - Jesse Sendejas Jr

Frank’s Pizza Owner Solves His Own Small-town Mystery in New Book

Eddie Love might be the most reserved successful business owner you’d ever encounter. Although he runs one of downtown Houston’s most beloved spots, Frank’s Pizza, and its popular neighboring watering hole, Frank’s Backyard, he’s the last to seek out the spotlight for these booming ventures.

So, it may be a little surprising that this self-described “quiet and shy” businessman has co-authored a tell-all book about his life. More to the point, the book – titled The Saint, The Sinner(s) and Eddie: The True Story of A Small-Town Texas Secret – is about recent, unusual events in Love’s life, a life that required re-examination following an ancestry test Love took on a whim.

He and co-author Christina Ledbetter, who shouldered most of the writing chores, met at Frank’s Backyard to discuss the work, which was published independently through Amazon and released in July. Ledbetter says she’s primarily written blogs and book reviews for Associated Press, but has never written a book until now. For two years, she shelved all her freelance work to focus on telling Love’s story. It’s a personal story about family and identity, but it hits universal and timely themes like gender politics, small-town morality and the expanding role of DNA testing in everyday life. It’s also a humorous, poignant and entertaining read that works as a two-part mystery…

Full story here: Frank’s Pizza Owner Solves His Own Small-town Mystery in New Book


5 Stars - Achingly funny and haunting...
I loved this book! It pulls you into a small East Texas town, another world and life, (willingly) dragging you along on Eddie’s search for familial acceptance. Eddie’s search is without anger, self pity, exasperation, or judgement, characteristics foreign to most of us. I want a sequel.
— Callie E. - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Love, Lost & Found...
The story and delivery style will draw you in and keep you turning pages until the end. I love true stories and this one may make you question everything you think you know about your own family history! Jump in and hang on, it’s a bumpy ride with a warm and wonderful resolution. Enjoy!
— William S. - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Could not put down!...
Great entertaining read. I can’t believe all this happened in the small town of Orange, Texas. The writing keeps you hooked and involved in the lives of Eddie and his family. It feels like you are taken on the journey with them figuring out the mystery.
— Justin Ong - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - An entertaining true story...
The story unfolds in a way that draws you in and makes you feel invested in the various participants. There was more going on under the surface of a small town than meets the eye.
— Wes Sutherland - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Well Done!...
In full disclosure, this book tapped into two areas of particular interest and enjoyment for me: genealogy and a good mystery. In fact, at the time I ordered the book, I had just previously purchased an Amazon-recommended mystery. The latter novel proved somewhat disappointing because I could see the end coming midway through the book. “The Saint, The Sinner(s) and Eddie” kept me engrossed from page one, which resulted, in my case at least, into the rare one-day read. The biggest difference in this book is that it does not read like the conventional novel. I actually felt that Eddie and Christina were in my living room, telling me the story, with one occasionally interrupting the other to complete the story. Anytime one reads a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, and can come away with the sincere desire to want to know even more about the main character, it succeeds on every level. Well done!
— Mark Schwartz - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Who knew? Lots of folks, it turned out...
Imagine you’ve set out to assemble a jigsaw puzzle—one with a thousand small, ill-defined pieces—and you realize as the scene begins to come together that it doesn’t match the picture on the box. That’s the best way I can think to describe how Ed Love must have felt when his DNA test results provided more questions than answers. This book is a good read, often funny, sometimes not so pretty, always filling this reader with curiosity about the next step Ed would take to identify, understand and accept the skeletons that were falling out of his family’s closet. If you know anything at all about human frailty, you’ll find this story compelling. And if you’re into genealogy, you’ll be nuts about the process of solving this mystery.
— linleenee - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Very enjoyable read!...
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story! As an amatuer genealogist for over 25 years, I have encountered many intriguing family stories. This one provides more than just names dates and locations. It is filled with humor and the characters are full of color and life. I felt like I was listening to my relatives tell me a story. It left me wanting to know more about Eddie’s journey and discoveries.
— Pplace - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Loved it! Very well written...
I thought this would be a book only appealing to Eddie’s friends and family. I was so wrong! It is well written and hilarious most of the time. Warning: there are some heartbreaking moments as well, but no family is without some of those. Get it. It’s a really great read.
— Bren M. Carr DDS - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Totally Spell-Binding...
Fascinating read. Literally could not put the book down once I got started. Intriguing account of a man’s unrelenting quest for the truth as he unravels a series of clues to reveal his actual identity. Really captivating if you’re into scandal, surprise, decades-long family secrets and endless twists and turns. And by the way, Orange, Texas will never be the same!
— Al Steinberg - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Thoroughly enjoyed this book...
Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I felt as if they were right in my house telling me the story as it unfolded. Pretty crazy story!! Well written.
— mustluvdogs78 - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Great job Christina and my friend Eddie Love...
Being from Orange, Texas & knowing most of the people in the book, I promise it is completely true, only the names are changed to protect the guilty or maybe the innocent somewhat also. Great job Christina & my friend Eddie Love.
PS Peyton Place had nothing on Orange back in the day.
— lamc - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - A great read...
The old adage truth is stranger than fiction was never truer than in this case. When you get into this book it is hard to stop reading. I started to read this book because I have known Ed Love for 6 years, but quickly found it to be fascinating for the true story alone. I didn’t know Ed’s background before reading the book. The question I have now is how someone with that background became the fine person that Ed is now. Ed has a unique sense of humor which definitely comes out in the book. I can easily imagine him having the conversations described in the book. A very timely story nowadays with people having DNA test.
— Beverly Logan - Amazon customer reviews
5 Stars - This book was funny, sad and surprising to say the least...
What a surprise for Eddie! This book was funny, sad and surprising to say the least! I recommend The Saint, The Sinner(s) and Eddie. It is an easy read and very enjoyable. We just never know what lurks in our past!!!
— Amazon customer - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Can’t Wait for the Movie...
I often found myself laughing out loud at times reading this book, which is rare for me. Knowing Debbie & Eddie, I could literally see & hear them throughout this whole read...WELL DONE!!!
— SharonKS - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Embrace whatever your going through with a positive outlook...
I loved so many things about the book. The journey for Eddie and how he chose to embrace the findings, the incredible DNA mysteries, and loved how the author captured the journey with love and humor. Could not put it down!
— Amazon customer - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Fascinating...
Such an interesting read. I love the way this is written. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a fun book for anyone who has a connection to that era. 5 stars because you can’t make this stuff up.
— Georgann G. - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Pretty much a page turner...
This book is truly captivating. I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out. Christina and Eddie crafted the story very well.
— Amazon customer - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - A page turner!...
A great, easy read by first-time author - didn’t want to put it down!
— Amazon customer - Amazon.com customer reviews
4 Stars - Four Stars...
A lot of twists and turns.
Layed out well.
— Bobby Santos - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Funny, surprising, and moving...
Eddie Love took a DNA test and found a family he didn’t know was lost. I knew some of the story, but the book was still full of surprises. It reads like you are hanging out with the authors as they tell you how it all happened. The writing style is fun, sometimes laugh out loud, and keeps the story moving in a way that I could not put down.
— Michelle R. Moore - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Just do it...
Very easy to read. Enjoyable and hilarious! Also an added bonus: Eddie’s my boss at Frank’s... and knowing him personally makes this 1000x better. And yes. The books captures his personality well.
— Bayani - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Such a fun read!...
Knowing this was a true story and the unique way it began made this book all the more intriguing. And from page one, I just couldn’t wait to see how it unraveled. The authors keep you reading for more as they encounter the surprising truth for Eddie’s past.
— sunflowergirl - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Real small town secrets...
Great read! Very well written! Enjoyed it!
— Andy Kite - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Worth it...
Fun read. Would love it as a podcast!
— C. Duck - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Unbelievable true story...
Really enjoyed it. Can see this as a TV movie in the future.
— Amazon customer - Amazon.com customer reviews
5 Stars - Great Book Genealogy and DNA matching...
Overall great read and very fascinating,
Great eye opening story about people and genealogy research using DNA matching.
— Peter Guth - Amazon.com customer reviews



"The Saint, The Sinner(s) and Eddie" is available on Amazon.com:

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Some of the people, places and things mentioned in the book.

01-Edwin-Rachel 1956.png

Edwin and Rachel vacationing in Havana, Cuba in 1956 about a year before Eddie was born.


Edwin (Mr. Orange) loving his attention getting KOGT van.


“Lovell” kids “Glenna”, “Mickey”, Eddie & “Tully” at home.

04-Eddie-Mary 1961.png

Eddie & Mary in 1961. Eddie says, "Mary was always good to me. Loved her dearly."

05-Uncle Hugh 1963.png

Uncle Hugh (formerly referred to as Alcatraz Inmate 444) in 1963 next to his baby blue '57 Chevy.


Rachel, on a rare trip home from the hospital, with her kids “Mickey”, Eddie, “Tully” & “Glenna”.

10-Ted Kipperman, Eddie and Debbie 040189.png

April Fools’ Day (1989) at the pawn shop. Ted Kipperman, Eddie & Debbie.

11-Mickey-Lou-Edwin-Eddie 1994.png

“Mickey”, “Lou”, Edwin & Eddie in 1994 at “Lou’s” house in Deer Park, TX. Rachel’s portrait in the background.

12-Eddie-Bobby-Robert 122898.png

3 generations: Eddie, “Bobby” & “Robert” in 1998 at Eddie & Debbie’s house in Katy, TX.

13-Get together at FP 031106.png

A family reunion of sorts, outside of Frank’s Pizza in 2006, where the beer was flowing freely; “Wayne”, “Keith”, “Delores”, “Lou” & “Tully”.

20-Cliff-The Pose.png

“Cliff” at 3, 13 & 57 does, in fact, pose this way all the time.

21-Eddie and Cliff.png

Eddie & “Cliff” at the 2016 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.


Eddie (Papa Ed) and granddaughter London (aka Dragon Slayer Extraordinaire).


Eddie, London & Debbie (Mema) visiting at Paw Paw Bill’s house in Katy, TX.


Debbie and the dogs (Sonny, Sally & Sammy) in 2018 relaxing in the backyard.


Sally (the dog) and her namesake Sally (the Flying Nun) when they were young.


Sonny, Sally & Sammy; these dogs are NOT allowed on the couch.

40-Christina and Eddie.png

Christina & Eddie, at Christina’s, early in the book writing process.

41-Christina 2018.png

Christina and Eddie are still great pals and she’s hoping she gets to play herself in the movie version of their adventure.

50-Eddie's Bread.png

Eddie’s bread; all wrapped up and ready to go.

51-BaNanny Cake.png

Eddie’s attempt at replicating Nanny’s uber-delicious banana cake. Looks? Not even close. Taste? Not too bad.


Edwin’s mother Nanny lived 96 years. She was 100% German, a devout Lutheran, and the world’s best cook (according to Eddie).


“Greg”, who turned out not to be Eddie’s grandson, Eddie & Debbie in front of Frank’s Pizza.

61-Carol Ingram.png

Carol “Ingram’s” extensive genealogy research plays a pivotal role in this story.

70-Frank's Pizza.png

Friday night at Frank’s Pizza in Downtown Houston.

71-Frank's Backyard.png

Frank’s Backyard, the newest addition to the Frank’s Pizza family and right next door to Frank’s Pizza.